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An Intervention programme to nurture individuals:

Suggested focus groups: Social, Emotional, Health and Wellbeing, Gifted and Talented, PP, Literacy, Numeracy, Attendance, PEP, Confidence, Close the Gap, EAL,  Literacy, Stress Buster, Social Skills, Access to Employment, Dyslexia, Teacher, and Pupil Bonding.  

    Designed and facilitated by qualified specialists with award winning experience in creating learning opportunities

    Programme leader, Annie-May Roberts won the Silver BBC Pearson Teaching Award for Secondary School Teacher of the Year in 2015.  Annie-May's passion for education developed from her time spent as a Head of Art and Head of PSHE.

    During her time as a teacher, Annie-May led her school through the Healthy Schools Award Status and the Investors in Careers Accreditation.  An integral part of these programmes involved designing and monitoring the delivery of PSHE across her secondary school, running a creative department and evidencing this to meet school standards.  This experience has led her to First Wave Adventures and the creation of school-targeted Health and Wellbeing School Residential and Day Programmes . 


    Ocean Intervention Weekly Themes include:

    • Creativity, Mindfulness, and Collaboration 
    • Confidence, Safety, and Self-Knowledge  
    • Relationships, Working Together, and Supporting Others
    • Challenge, Setting Personal Goals
    • Independence, Making Choices, Reflection
    • Identifying Progress

    Delivered at Great Western Beach


    First Wave Adventures is based at Great Western Beach and, as an AALA registered provider, you can rest assured your pupils will be safe hands.  All instructors are activity-accredited, DBS-checked, and qualified lifeguards, with considerable experience of working with the children of all ages and abilities.  All equipment is provided, inclusive in your package.

    First Wave Adventures have the expected safeguarding procedures, as well as an Anti -Bullying Policy, which pupils are introduced to at the start of a course.  Risk assessments are of course available to schools. 

    "Having delivered to thousands of students from all over the world, we now look forward to welcoming local students to Newquay and Great Western Beach as part of the Ocean Intervention programme,  We're hugely excited to grow our educational offerings further".
    (Lee Gamble, First Wave Adventures Founder)

    Newquay's picturesque Great Western Beach is recorded as being Cornwall’s original surfing beach. It's sheltered setting, with on-site beach facilities, makes it the ideal environment to combine learning with the ocean.

      How will Ocean Intervention demonstrate and improve Social, emotional, health and wellbeing?


      Put simply, your pupils will tell us; through improvement of their behaviour, attitude, and progress.  But we know how important it is to capture this through evidence.  The focus is on positive measurable outcomes, making weekly communication between the school and the Ocean Intervention sessions crucial.  

      The intervention starts with a school visit.  Annie-May will personally discuss the specific aims and objectives of your particular group, explain how the programme is measured, and support each school with their needs. A pre/post-experience survey is then agreed with the identified lead school staff member.  The paperwork is completed (parental and school permission/ transport arrangements) and the then intervention begins!   At the end of the sequential six-week programme, the impact is analysed and the outcomes are documented and presented back to your school for your use.


      Activities Include:       

      • Yoga and Mindfulness
      • Creative Art
      • Bodyboarding
      • Surfing
      • Coasteering (Key Stage 3 plus only)
      • Physical Beach Challenges


      The sessions run for two hours a week, for 6 consecutive weeks. The school must provide transport for their pupils.