Outdoor educational activities take place on our very own beach

Great Western, in Newquay, Cornwall

All water and beach based activities are carried out by our partner company Newquay Surfing School.

Does it get much better than outdoor learning at the beach?

Well we don't think so! The salty sea air and the crashing waves help to soothe mind and soul, leaving students feeling relaxed, calm and at ease.

Since the 1960s, the beach has been the spiritual home of surfing in Newquay and remains a surfing hotspot for local surfers today so pupils will be in the best location to learn to ride the waves and so much more! 

Life Is Better At The Beach

We are passionate about helping pupils achieve educational success and we believe the activities we provide and the environment in which they take place (the beach) will encourage children to lead an active lifestyle which in turn will help with mental and physical wellbeing helping them achieve their educational attainment.

There are so many reasons why being at the beach is good for you, here are just a few...

  • Loads of vitamin D that helps children develop healthy bones
  • The sound of waves has been scientifically proven to dispel stress
  • Rest bite from information overload and the normal day to day pressures
  • Keeps your heart healthy by being active (unless you choose to sunbathe all day)

As a privately managed beach, beach cleanliness is second to none.  And with water conditions rated Excellent.

Beach Facilities


The beach has toilet and changing facilities (free for First Wave Adventures customers). All water and beach based activities are carried out by our partner company Newquay Surfing School . All activities include equipment that has been certified under the RNlI's surf safety scheme . Newquay Surfing School is an AALA license holder.