GCSE PE Surfing Trips

With some of the best surf in Europe and world class tuition from European No.2 Pro-Longboarder Adam Griffiths, surfing is what we do best. As well as being an exhilarating sport that is great for fitness, surfing can also be used towards a students GCSE PE grade. Please see below for the AQA assessment criteria.

With us, students can undergo levels 1-3 of the Surfing GB Junior Surfing Scheme which teaches them all they need to know acheive the below criteria. If you have students that want to use surfing towards their GCSE PE grade, just let us know and we can help with getting their surfing filmed for assessment.


Key Process A – Developing skills in physical activity (10 marks)

Candidates will be assessed on their ability to carry out four short journeys over at least two different wave conditions.

Candidates should be able to:

•     improve the range, difficulty and quality of their skills and techniques
•     develop the consistency with which they use and perform skills with precision, control and fluency.

Candidates will be assessed on their ability to 
1. Preparing board/paddling technique/launching and finishing
2. Surfing prone/surfing
3. Selecting and catching a wave
4. Balance/maintaining position


Key Process B – Being creative and making decisions (10 marks)

In adventure activities, candidates increasingly show their ability to understand how to perform well and improve the effectiveness of performance by developing the skills and techniques required as well as developing their physical and mental capacity to respond to the demands of a challenging situation. 

Candidates should be able to:

•     select and use tactics and strategies imaginatively in complex and demanding situations
•     respond effectively and imaginatively to changing circumstances as they arise while surfing.


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