What Students should pack for a residential:

All essential activity and safety equipment is provided  (ie wetsuits ) but students will need to bring an appropriate range personal clothing, footwear, wash items , sun cream, re-fill water bottle , back pack for storing items whilst at the beach, a beach towel, a swim suit and extra towels (for accommodation lodging ) and pocket money (optional) .  Always consider the elements when packing for an adventure!

All students participating in a coasteering activity will need old trainers to wear during the activity (only applicable to Key Stage 3 -5 )

Schools will be provided with a packing list  in advance of the trip departure. Schools also need to  manage their own policy for use of; pocket money, mobile phones, Wifi and social media.

Forms needed to participate

When a school books an activity  package , First Wave Adventures needs to know some important personal information about the students. This is always treated with confidentiality. The information is managed by the school /trip leader and takes the form of; gender breakdown of the group, diet declarations, medical, social and emotional declarations  and a completed  multi-activity disclaimer for each student  . All students need a completed muilti- activity disclaimer to take part in the water based activities.

 Information requested will consist of:

·        Personal details - age, date of birth, emergency contact number

·        Relevant medical history/issues, including disability and behavioral conditions

·        Dietary requirements

·        Swimming ability

The school trip leader will take responsibility for and manage this information and how it is communicated to parents and to First Wave Adventures.

Additional Needs
If a student has additional requirements, First Wave Adventures will be pleased to discuss this with the school prior to booking a package. First Wave Adventures will ask that a trip lead provides as much information as possible to ensure of safe and enjoyable participation and appropriate provision.  

Wet Weather Contingency

Rain will not stop play! However, in the event of unsuitable conditions an alternative activity will be delivered. This decision will be based on a dynamic risk assessment and the options will be discussed with the trip leader.


First Wave Adventures  can accommodate most diets required on medical or religious grounds. In all these cases we do however require full details of this information from the school 14 days prior to arrival.

Caution is exercised with severe nut allergies


All accommodation providers have 24-hour emergency cover.  Testimonials and risk assessments are available to schools only. It is the schools responsibility to communicate the address to parents and guardians. First Wave Adventures does not give out this information to anyone other than the school trip lead.  

All school trip leads are advised of safety procedures at accommodation check in. Trip Leaders are responsible for communicating this information to their group.  

Bedding in the form of a duvet and a single pillow is provided

Water Based Activities

Ocean based activities are provided by fully qualified professionals, experienced with working with children and young adults.  Risk assessments, insurance documentation, and industry accreditation certificates can be provided upon request.  All water-based activities are carried out at an AALA approved centre.   The school staff /appointed staff member assumes responsibility for all students in their care at all times are are requested to supervise changing rooms and monitor students use of the public facilities at the beach . 

Pre-trip site visit

Looking for some support for your parents information event? We are happy to provide an overview PowerPoint for your use.

We are always happy to meet you prior to the trip at our beach base for a tour of facilities and accommodation. We have been known to offer school visits too- please do just ask!


To reserve residential places, you are required to make a non-refundable deposit payment of £50 per student place.  Whilst you may transfer the deposit to a replacement member of the party, the deposit remains non-refundable i.e. changes to the group size may result in monies being retained.

The final balance is due 8 weeks prior to arrival.  We issue a payment reminder 10 weeks prior to arrival.

A full list our T&Cs can be found at https://www.firstwaveadventures.com/terms-conditions/


Please view our risk management policy : Risk Management Policy

Risk benefit documents and safeguarding policies are available on request

Q/A for Trip Leaders

First time planning a trip ?

National Guidelines are really helpful : https://oeapng.info/

Research supporting LOTC - stats and statistics to support getting your class to the beach!



FAQ Transgender and Visits

Water Safety Margins


Any other questions?

If you have a query that isn't listed here, or you would like more information, please call us on 01637 879614