The Health Benefits Of Surfing For Students/Children

Have you ever noticed how surfers always look healthy, in shape, in a good mood and how they love living an active lifestyle? Have you ever seen an overweight and unhappy looking surfer? No, us neither. Surfing isn't only great for your physical health, it's also fantastic for your mental health.


Here are just 5 benefits of surfing for your students:


1. Physical Health


 If you've ever surfed, you'll know what a fantastic cardiovascular workout it is. Paddling and kicking out-back on your board gives your upper body, your back and your legs an intense workout. Once you're up on your board and trying to balance, you constantly use your core and legs to stabilise yourself. The best part is that because it's fantastic fun, even students that aren't that into exercise can get a fantastic workout. As well as being a great workout, your body uses almost double the calories trying to keep itself warm in the cold water. If you've ever surfed, you'll know how tired you are once you're out of the water. Studies have shown that surfing is great for improving sleep quality, which is vital for your pupils's health and development.


2. Mental Health


Surfing, like most physical activities, releases endorphins which provides a natural euphoria. Combined with a day in the ocean having fun with your friends, beautiful scenery and a healthy dose of vitamin D, there are few better ways to put you in a good mood, remove negative stress and create memories of a lifetime.


3. A Sport For Life


It's no coincidence that when you go surfing, half the surfers around you are 40+. Surfing is such a fantastic and addictive sport that once you start, you just can't stop. Even for those students that aren't overly sporty, surfing provides an opportunity for them to participate in a sport where the only thing that matters is having fun. People spend thousands travelling across the globe in search of that perfect wave. Take your students on a surfing trip to Cornwall and it could change the way they view sport and have a huge, long lasting positive impact on their physical and mental health.


4. The Knock On Effect


We already covered the physical health benefits of surfing, but what we didn't mention was how surfing has a knock on effect and encourages you to eat healthier, watch your weight and spend more time outdoors. By getting so many endorphins from surfing, your body doesn't feel the need to get endorphins from eating excess and unhealthy foods. Numerous studies have shown that exercising is one of the best ways to avoid eating unhealthy foods, because you don't want to waste all the hard work you put into your workout.



5. Because It's Just Awesome


As well as making you look unbelievable cool amongst your peers, building self-esteem and encouraging self-improvement, surfing is simply an awesome sport. Surfing spots are always in the best and most exotic locations and becoming a surfer will encourage your students to travel the world. There are few greater adrenaline rushes than riding a wave and every wave is a new challenge and a new experience. With current technology, it's also easy to capture fantastic action shots to both impress your parents and upload to social media where they'll remain as a constant reminder of an unforgettable school trip.


If you need anymore reasons why surfing is a must try sport for your students, or if you'd like to enquire about booking a school surfing trip to Newquay with First Wave Adventures Activity Centre, then just drop us an email at or call us on 01637 879614