Why School Trips Are Vital To Student Development

Apart from being one of things students most look forward to, schools trips in a natural environment allows students to put the things they learn into context. Outdoor educational trips offer the chance to explore the real world and gain valuable life experience at such an impressionable age. School trips also allow student to bond with other students and teachers which can have an immensely positive impact on learning once they return to the classroom.


Social Interaction


School trips are particularly beneficial to those with shorter attention spans and those that struggle to socially interact with their peers.


Subject Specific


A recent inquiry into outdoor learning by the education committee found that outdoor educational trips are particularly beneficial to learning the subjects of science, geography, history, art/design and physical education, as well as team building and problem solving.


Healthy Living


Outdoor trips that incorporate physical or sporting challenges encourage pupils to have a more active lifestyle.


Confidence Building


Perhaps the biggest benefits of a school trip come from boosting self-confidence. The report by the educational and skills committee found that outdoor educational trips can not only boost self-confidence levels, but also change attitudes, ways of thinking and boost aspirations. They were also found to encourage students to become more responsible citizens.


Overcoming Organisational Nightmares


Although the School Travel Forum has worked hard to reduce unnecessary red tape and paperwork, school trips can still be tough to organise. This is where it becomes worthwhile to work with a reputable school trip organiser such as First Wave Adventures. With their local knowledge and buying power, they not only organise and book everything for you, they also tick all the necessary safety boxes for you and can even get better prices than you’d get by booking direct.

Outdoor Educational Trips