School Trips: The Benefits Far Outweigh The Risks


In an increasingly risk-adverse society, full of seemingly pretentious health & safety rules and regulations, it can be daunting for teachers when it comes to taking school children outside of the classroom. However to best prepare our children for the real world, they need to be taught to recognise risks for themselves and for this, they need to be taken out of the classroom.

Whilst there is often a high level of concern amongst teachers, the statistics around school trips are overwhelmingly positive. Out of an estimated 10 millions days of school visits, there are only two to three fatalities.

School trips undoubtedly provide a fantastic opportunity for pupils to build confidence, gain experience and learn how to overcome real world challenges.

As well as challenging pupils with new environments, school trips provide a whole host of benefits and lessons that help to build interpersonal skills such as leadership, team work, trust and respect.

School residentials can also often be the making of some pupils. We often hear from teachers about a child that doesn't shine in the classroom but excelled on a school trip, leading to improvements upon their return to school.

The benefits of experiencing different cultures and surroundings are far too often underestimated. Adventure activities and sports can often form the foundation of life-long interests, as often is the case with surfing at Barefoot Adventures Activity Centre in Cornwall. Increasing interest in such activities also has long-term benefits, including helping to address health and obesity issues.

At Barefoot Adventures, we go above and beyond to ensure that our trips are as safe as they can possibly be. We provide fully qualified instructors and guides, full safety equipment, high instructor to pupil ratios and full risk assessments. We also have emergency action plans in place and public liability insurance up to £5million.