This week I have been re-designing and starting to resource our Great Western Beach Games for 2017.  

I have a rubber skeleton to collect (thank you Healthy Schools for this donation and thirteen fluffy, lucky fish. I actually brought the thirteen sea water replicas back from a recent trip to Sweden. The notion and value of Play has really occupied my thoughts for our educational packages and I think the subliminal messages of Lego Land have really got under my skin. I could share the hours of Ted Talks I have listened to regarding this, but for now I will join the unconscious links!.........


While in Stockholm, my holiday reading material; Living Danishly by Helen Russell, perfectly ignited my fascination with the Scandi dream and the fact that they are renowned for their health and wellbeing culture. So, the character in this book is married to 'Mr. Lego'. Who yes, you guessed it works for the plastic building block company. The book explores their transition from British culture to that of a Nordic lifestyle covering the differences in education systems, health care and social expectations. Then, Last night I saw Captain Fantastic (an education in itself) and before the film started there was a two minute Lego Advert, pulling at your heart strings and perfectly pinpointing the importance of play in the development of our most fundamental life skills. I later discovered that Cambridge University have in fact hired a Lego Professor to further research into Play. The lucky academic will head their own research department at Cambridge and will be funded with the sum of £4 million donated by the Lego Foundation!

I am delighted by this. Long Live the wise words of Einstein, the nurturing of play and Lego!