NCS Ocean Adventure

Ocean Impact

1. Understanding your own strengths

 (in preparation for Job Interviews and CV creation) 

Day 1: 30% of attendees could identify one or more personal strengths

Day 3:   85% of attendees could identify one or more personal strengths 

2. Communicating in a Group

(in preparation for social action and access to employment )

Day 1: 42% rated their communication skills as an area they wanted to develop 

Day 3 : 90% believed they had improved their confidence and communication skills

3. Making Friendships for the NCS Journey 

   (in preparation  for life ) 

Day 1: 52% of the group felt that they were entering the process with strangers

Day 3 :  100% of NCS First Wave Adventure recruits had made at least 1 new friendship and they were 100% that nobody in their group felt like a stranger! 

It starts with a Yes and ends with a sunset........

As part of catering for the Phase 1 Adventure, NCS Programme we have created a  specified  First Wave Adventure Residential . 

Beach BBQ with NCS Petroc 2017 

Beach BBQ with NCS Petroc 2017 

Ocean impact?

A cohort of 57% male and 43% female aged 17.

Two NCS mentors per 15 students and one First Wave Adventures instructor per eight students. Four students per single sex dormitory........a few ices creams, pasties and plenty of salty action. 

I spoke to new people

I now know what will power is

I have been inspired to learn how to swim

I learnt how to approach new challenges

I worked well in a group

my confidence increased

I can tell others about ocean safety .....I didnt have a clue

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