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St Day Key Stage 2 Residential 

St Day Key Stage 2 Residential 

Last week we catered for a diverse mix of local, national and international school groups visiting us for their annual School Residential. They all had a refreshing approach to Health and Wellbeing as a method for supporting both academic and personal development .

Let’s Get City Kids joined us from London, British School of Gran Canaria flew in and St Day Primary School came all the away from Redruth (20 minutes away!).    The best thing about this mix was seeing that the results were the same for each group.   

The focus of each First Wave Adventures residential is the precious use of time for; building relationships, experiencing new challenges and for the development of health and wellbeing of both pupils and teachers.

As proven by Learning Away a residential has a lasting impact: :

''learning is enhanced through the residential experience. Education residentials are, almost without exception, the gift that keeps on giving.”

Professor David Hopkins, Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Education, Executive Director of Adventure Learning Schools


Residentials are proven to have a positive impact:

         Foster deeper relationships

         Improve students’ resilience, self-confidence and wellbeing

         Boost cohesion and a sense of belonging

         Improve students’ engagement with learning

         Improve students’ knowledge, skills and understanding 

         Support students’ achievement

         Smooth students’ transition experiences

Provide opportunities for student leadership, co-design and facilitation

                                                                   Widen and develop pedagogical               skills

The facts are out there! 

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