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Fieldwork First

If you want to complete your GCSE geography fieldwork requirements why not book a First Wave Adventures residential?

 Investigate a range of human and physical geography themes.  Including, Coastal Flooding, Coastal Erosion, Ecosystems, Coastal Landscapes, Coastal Tourism and Changes in Human Environment and much more.

Use a variety of fieldwork skills allowing students to use a range of quantitative and qualitative methods such as:  Beach sediment (size and shape) and beach profile, bi-polar coastal management evaluation, field sketches and photographs, extracts of the local shoreline management plan (SMP), A BGS geology map visualisation, historic maps analysis, qualitative methods of evaluating the success of management measures, environmental quality assessments, Impact of Tourism Assessments, Footfall Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments and Cost Benefit Analysis.

Our aim is to help schools inspire, skill up and equip students for their next adventure.   

Thinking like a geographer
Inspire your students to think like a geographer by immersing them in beautiful Cornish, real world environments and by using the latest geographical techniques and technologies.

Completion of all the fieldwork requirements
Use a human and a physical environment. We can provide background information to assist schools in completing the fieldwork statement.

Experience, learn and use fieldwork skills with our guest tutor

Tom Frost

Thad Cox

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