Creating unforgettable learning experiences  

With A salty twist ........................ 

 Creating unforgettable learning experiences @firstwaveadventures 

 Creating unforgettable learning experiences @firstwaveadventures 

Today TES published an article  by Dan Watson -'A trip outdoors is a seed of change' .......its worth a read and great to have Ray Mears championing residential experiences for the school curriculum.  Ray states that pupils need to embrace the natural environment and that this in turn impacts positively on their school life. 

The ocean  plays a big part in our residential packages.....but so it should.......we are all surrounded by it!

And, Its not just about the fun or the lifelong memories created in the water, each FWA activity package is designed to nurture the personal development of students. 

 On the first night pupils meet the RNLI, fancy dress is normally involved!  The week then unfolds through a variety of learning opportunities.

Each day starts with a cooked breakfast and then the timetable of activities  lead you through a series of new experiences and challenges.  

Impact and Evidence 

We always look forward to hearing from our schools when they return the following year......... 

We hear first hand the lasting impact of our FWA Activity Packages  but the growing support and evidence  for school residential trips is also stacking up.  


[after their residential experience] More than two thirds  of secondary students felt they had a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses 73%, had developed their listening skills 71%, had more confidence in explaining things to others 71% and felt more able to join in discussions at school 68%”    
York Consulting, Evaluation of Learning Away: Interim Report 1, June 2013


We love to know that the salty experience of a First Wave Adventure continues to support teachers and pupils back at school. 


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