How do you know what level you are surfing at?

Sam Lamiroy, The English Pro Surfer,Has Developed A Really Accessible Ability Measure – Called The IAM Bands.

Mapping progress on a First Wave Adventure with; colour, style and a self-esteem boost.

Accomplish………succeed………triumph………stoked…….. These are all great words to describe the feeling of popping up and riding that first wave.  But, how do you get to this epic moment of cruising past your friends and high fiving your FWA Instructor? Well, you work hard,  have a lot of fun on the way and your qualified instructor will assess your progress.  

Join the Wall of Fame  

Join the Wall of Fame 

We Are Delighted To Make this A Part Of Our 2017 School Trips And FWA Education Programme ..........

Whatever your style or pace, our instructors will nurture the progress of each individual; we introduce you to the icons of the sport, give you a WWW and EBI at each step of the journey and tackle each pumping set of waves as and when you are ready.

‘It’s just like mapping your progress in any subject except its way cooler and you can wear it with pride’

FWA Trip Leader

With a ratio of 1:8 you are in safe hands and by the end of the residential trip you will gain your IAM Band and join the infamous wall of fame.

‘Next year I am aiming for orange!’   IAM Band Graduate
‘Next year I am aiming for orange!’
IAM Band Graduate


What colour will you be?



What Colour will you be? 

What Colour will you be? 

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