September Wear Sunscreen

Transitional September

Why is September so important to FWA? 

Create trusting relationships through outdoor activiies @firstwaveadventures in Cornwall  

Create trusting relationships through outdoor activiies @firstwaveadventures in Cornwall  

In September we cater heavily for Transitional Year Groups (Year 6-7, Year 9-10 and Year 11-12). Helping to mark the process of change and grounding those life long memories, friendships and crucial bonds between teachers and pupils.  Getting out of the classroom, for just a few days and experiencing outdoor activities, has the most wonderful impact on budding relationships .  Wether its during a surf lesson, while kicking back and watching a sunset or sharing some toothpaste, a better understanding of your pupils will be gained.   

We Have Real Passion For Transitional Groups


Baz sums up this passion for nurturing education through his rhythmic poignancy of  life’s transitions.........(follow the link to share with your class!) 

wear sunscreen az learnman

The ‘00s’ Wear Sunscreen tune, delivered nostalgically and splattered with pure pop wisdom, is perfect for First Wave residential recruits.

It of course highlights sun safely but most importantly shares the truths of real life scenarios; relationships, health, economy and personal development. It really is PSHE in a song and It’s my favorite clip to share with Year 7s or post 16 pupils. The skills developed, on an activity packed, First Wave Adventure all contribute to future life experiences. 

Academic Achievement 

A change of surroundings and friendship groups is one of the biggest transformative periods in our children’s lives. A supportive foundation, laid down from the start of the school journey, can aid the future success of the personal and academic achievements of each child.

Join us this September to help make that transitional phase a fun and rewarding experience for both teachers and pupils. 


Develop new friendships in the surf 

Develop new friendships in the surf 

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