The Five Senses

This week I wanted to talk about why surfing is such a crucial part of our health and well being school residential trips. 

The experience of water, be it a warm bath, a swimming pool, a pond at a public park or even a mesmerising fish tank has a certain effect on us. The natural sounds and rhythm are relaxing and the symbolism of water has many  obvious historical and religious connotaions. My favourite is the adventures and lessons that Kingsley conjures  up through his Victorian tale of The Water Babies, with Tom gaining his moral education from falling in the river!  It seems that the fun of water is that it has a  transformative power, so where is the proof?

Chris Burkard the surf photographer talks opening about his search for breaking the monotony of life and how submerging himself in challenging  surf conditions transforms his mood ( ,  the BBC saw Dr Chris Van Tulleken recently  explore open water swimming and its positive uses for treating depression. Incredible. 

Here at First Wave Adventures,  Adam Griffiths (our resident semi-pro surfer) states that he sees first hand how pupils let all their worries go when they surf.  I agree, I feel fantastic after some Great Western wave action-even if my skills are limited and I have only managed to just about, stand up once!

It  seems to me that what  ever your surfability , when entering the salty ocean all five senses are engaged.  So yes, water can be accessed from every where but surfing is so powerfull because of the way it impacts your five senses.  

Thad Cox

After graduating from Kingston University with a degree in Graphic Design, I pursued a career in Advertising as an Art Director working at numerous high profile agencies in London including Saatchi & Saatchi, Karmarama and Leo Burnett. During my time in the industry I've worked for global clients including IKEA, McDonald's and Vh1 creating a variety of award winning work across all medias including film, television, radio, print, poster, online and ambient.

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