5 Great Fundraising Ideas to Help Fund School Trips

School trips are a fantastic way to enrich the education experience and create long lasting memories for both student and pupil. However these trips can be very costly and it is not always easy for those families less able to afford the costs of these residentials. This blog contains 5 suggestions to help raise money towards school trips.


Bag Packing

A fantastic way to raise money and give a positive outlook in the community is through packing bags at a local supermarket. Volunteering to aid the public pack their shopping gets the students out of the classroom and interacting with society.

Bake Sale

Bake sales are a really fun fundraising method. Bake sales are when students go home and make cakes and biscuits to then bring into school and sell to each other and the public. This gets children in the kitchen and becoming very creative to produce cakes. A good way to encourage creativity and more cakes is to have a prize for the best baked item. This method also gets mothers involved with the fundraising creating a bond between home and school.


Auctions are a brilliant way to fundraise. The best way to do this is to ask the children to go out into the surrounding area with parents and speak to local businesses and shop owners to ask for items to be donated for the auction. These items can be anything from a bottle of wine to a family outing. Prizes that tend to do the best include rounds of golf and meals at restaurants.


Bring and Buy Sale

A great way to get rid of unwanted clobber and raise money for school trips is a bring and buy sale. This involves families of students donating items such as clothes, toys, DVDs and books amongst other things, which are brought to a location and then sold to the public. The best locations for these events are village/town halls and sports halls. These events bring in the public creating a positive relationship between the school and the community.


School Play

One of the best ways to raise money is through holding a school production. A school play is a fantastic way to showcase the talent of the school and to get everyone of the students and teachers involved. This would raise money by choosing a suitable play and charging money for tickets.  This method not only raises money but also teaches children new skills and boosts the confidence of those on stage.  This gives an opportunity for parents to watch the children with pride whilst creating life long memories.