10 Reasons To Have Your School Trip In Newquay

With it's world-renowned surf, it's beautiful beaches and fascinating marine wildlife, it's no wonder that Newquay is a top destination for school trips and educational visits. There are so many reasons to have your next school trip in Newquay, but if you don't have time to go through them all, here's our top 10 for you:

Surfing Lessons On A  Newquay School Trip

Surfing Lessons On A Newquay School Trip

  • Newquay is the UK's surfing mecca, with some of the best beaches and most consistent surf in the UK and Europe. It's no coincidence that several national and international surf competitions are held here every year. If you're going to go on a school surfing trip, there is no better place than Newquay to teach your students to surf.


First Wave Adventures Activity Centre In Newquay

  • Decades of schools flocking to Newquay for their school activity holidays has inevitably led to the setting up of several specialist school activity centres across Newquay, which is fantastic for news for school groups. Activities centres in Newquay, such as First Wave Adventures Activity Centre with an AALA licensed activity centre, have spent years refining their services and tailoring their products to meet the exact needs of school groups. They also offer tailored risk assessments so you can tick the boxes with your superiors. The result? A 5 star school trip package at a competitive price.


Specialist School Accommodation In Newquay

  • As well as encouraging world-class activity centres establish themselves in the resort, Newquay's popularity amongst school trip organisers has resulted in the setup of several specialist school accommodation providers in Newquay. Picking the right school trip accommodation in Newquay is vital (see our other blog post, booking school trip accommodation). In Newquay, finding school trip accommodation that ticks all the boxes is easy. Specialist school accommodation providers such as Hotel Sunnyside have years of experience and are set up to cater for the every need of schools. Alternatively, school trip organisers such as First Wave Adventures have several specialist school hotels which they have carefully handpicked, allowing you to book with confidence, knowing they'll be suitable.


Newquay School Trip Excursions - The Eden Project

  • The Eden Project is just a short journey from Newquay. 'The world's largest living classroom', with over 1 million plants and a purpose built education centre, makes for a fantastic excursion on any school trip. Workshops at Eden can be tailored to a specific subject and also tailored to any key stage from 1-5. Not only that, but a school trip excursion to The Eden Project offers the opportunity to take part in rock climbing, England's longest zip-wire and even ice-skating during the winter months.


  • Price. Whilst trips abroad have become more affordable, they are often still too expensive for many students. A recent report showed that schools are offering single school trips in excess of £1,000 and that many parents simply cannot afford these significant sums. In contrast, a 5 day/4night school trip to Newquay, including accommodation, full catering and activities start at just £179 per person! For more information, you can check out Newquay school trip prices.


School Trip Activities In Newquay - Coasteering

  • As well as being famous for surfing, Newquay has also been dubbed the 'UK hub of extreme sports', and for good reason. The activity centres in Newquay offer a wide range of adrenaline packed school trip activities that are sure to make for an unforgettable school trip. As well as world class surfing tuition, Newquay offers the chance to learn marine biology through a seashore safari, build confidence with team building and beach games, explore the coastline through coasteering, let loose at Cornwall Zorbing Park and finally kick back and relax with a beach BBQ. All activities are bookable through one of Newquay's activity centres, or you can include them as part of a school trip package/programme with First Wave Adventures Activity Centre.


  • Introducing students to outdoor sports such as surfing can provide many more benefits that just a fun week away. As well as creating memories of a lifetime, surfing trips are renowned for being the beginning of a lifelong love of surfing. As well as being a fantastic workout, surfing is great for your mental health and getting into the sport often leads to worldwide travel and exploration, an overall happier lifestyle and a desire to live and eat healthier. Check out our blog post on the health benefits of surfing for children.


RNLI Workshops Part Of Newquay School Trips

  • Teach your students the essentials of beach safety with an RNLI workshop. According to the RNLI, two thirds of the UK head to the seaside at least once a year, 7,000 of those find themselves in difficulty. The vast majority of incidents can be prevented and so it's vital that children are educated from a young age about the dangers of the beaches and the sea. RNLI workshops are part of school trip programmes at First Wave Adventures Activity Centre.


Learn English More Efficiently On A School Surfing Trip To Newquay

  • A school trip to Newquay is a fantastic way for foreign students to develop their English language proficiency. Submerse students in a subject they'll love such as surfing and students will be compelled to learn from their instructors.


Free Pre-Trip Inspections To Newquay

  • Try before you buy with a free trip to Newquay! First Wave Adventures offers a free planning visit, where you can come to Cornwall, stay in one of our partner hotels, check out our facilities, and even take part in a surfing lesson, all completely free of charge. This gives you a chance to assess our facilities, check that our services fit your needs and report back to your superiors with confidence. Read more about our free pre-trip inspections.