Affordable School Trips – Are School Trips Getting Too Expensive?

A recent report by The Bucks Herald revealed that pupils in one school were being offered trips totalling £4,430 across one academic year, with single trips topping £1,000.


School trips appear to be becoming increasingly exotic, with destinations including South Africa, Brazil and New York to name a few. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for encouraging travel - but perhaps once they’re earning their own money.


There’s lots of talk about the ‘experience of a lifetime’, but what is it about a school trip that makes it the ‘experience of a lifetime’? Is it the location, is the amount of money the trip costs? Or is it the time they spend with their best friends, doing things they’d never be able to do at home, learning skills and sports that will go on to become lifelong passions and interests?


We’re willing to bet that it’s the latter, and that’s exactly what we focus our trips on at Barefoot Adventures Activity Centre in Cornwall. With 5 day trips, packed full of educational and adrenaline filled activities, from just £219 per person.


At Barefoot Adventures Activity Centre, students can undertake the Surfing GB Junior Surfing Scheme with world class tuition from European No.2 Pro Longboarder Adam Griffiths, build confidence with team building beach games, visit The Eden Project, ‘the world's largest living classroom’, and chill out on the beach with an unforgettable beach BBQ.


There are few things as exhilarating as catching your first wave and where better to learn to surf than in Newquay, where you'll find some of the best surf in Europe.


Plus with decades of cumulative experience, CRB checked front-line staff, full tailored risk assessments, and 24 hour accommodation security, you couldn't be in safer hands.